offer 3 Dimensional High Performance Epoxy Acrylic Coated Foam which I design, Fabricate finish for install on commercial buildings, Indoors or outdoors, in a variety of sizes, shapes and almost any color is possible to finish these in... .. I can cut anything from small address letters all the way up to FULL BLOWN RETAIL SIGNAGE... ..I do shops in the shopping malls, swapmarts, strip mall retail, commercial industrial you name it if it takes a sign, my product will fit and will be the lowest price of any comparable option especially metal channel letters..
I create the design no charge, I cut the material, epoxy coat it, paint it, then eurethane it with gloss or satin.
My signs do not cost anywhere near the cost of Metal channel letters.
My exterior foam letters are produced using a 10 lb. density foam that is coated in a high density urethane paint as well as 2 part acrylic epoxy resin to resist moisture and rotting. These exterior foam signs are a great alternative to outdoor
metal letters cost-wise, as they can simulate the same thickness as metal letters, but at a fraction of the price. Exterior foam letters are a very economical outdoor dimensional letter option that gives you a more expensive look that can be used outdoors for many years, without having to spend extra dollars. My heavy-duty outdoor foam letters are available in thicknesses ranging from 1" to 4".
My exterior foam display letters are durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions because they are painted with a high density urethane coating. These HDU pieces can then be painted with a layer of high quality outdoor paint, available in just about any color imaginable.
Sturdy and light weight, all my outdoor foam letters are a great buy when you are looking
for quality exterior dimensional letters at affordable prices. Spending extra money for thick
metal or plastic letters is not necessary with my exterior foam letters, which can simulate the look of fabricated metal or plastic lettering at a fraction of the cost.
On the face of each letter or logo I make, there is added .25" solid PVC which can be painted in a different color as the body of the letter. Or Both pieces can be painted and finished the same color. The PVC makes for a smooth face and adds to its durability. As far as I have seen, I am the only shop putting out this quality of work using the PVC cap not to mention the HDU.

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