In this guide we explain how to choose the best nail lamp for gel polish.

Hands have always been an important business card. There is no woman, therefore, who does not want a perfect manicure in every situation and in every moment of the day, from morning to evening. Since some years, thanks to the advent of semi-permanent glazes and gel for reconstruction, it is possible to have nails always in order for weeks. The secret is in choosing the right products, but also in a nail lamp that suits your needs.

The UV lamp is the classic oven that is used with semi-permanent glazes and gel for reconstruction. This type of lamp has small bulbs of about 9 watts. The UV lamp, used in most cases by professional nail technicians, has a power of 36 W with standard curing times, ie gel curing, of about 2 minutes

Then there is the LED lamp, which greatly reduces the drying time of the enamel and hardening, 30 seconds compared to 2 minutes. Inside there are many spotlights that take the place of the bulbs. For the rest, the operation is the same as the UV lamps.

But it does not end here. There are also the UV Led hybrid lamps which greatly shorten the curing times. Moreover, these devices give the possibility to apply on the nails both products compatible with UV technology and those compatible with LED technology. The dual technology is very comfortable, inside, in addition to the classic LED bulbs, there is also a CCFL coil or Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp that should be replaced when the polymerization becomes very slow. The product spread on the nails, therefore, is exposed to two catalyst agents at the same time. The end result is definitely better both in terms of time and beauty.

The first element to be evaluated when choosing a nail lamp is represented by the power. The power of a lamp is indicated in Watt, W. The higher the Watt, the shorter the drying time will be.

The traditional UV lamps usually have a minimum of 9 watts, translated in a few words 1 single bulb, and a maximum of 36 watts, or 4 bulbs. Led lamps range from a minimum of 9 watts to a maximum of 48 watts.


Longer and healthier Eyelashes with the 6 Best Serums for Eyelashes

Do you have short, sparse eyelashes that look almost non-existent? This purchase guide, then, is right for you! In fact, in the following lines we will recommend the best eyelash serum on the market, and having beautiful, long but especially healthy eyelashes will no longer be a problem.

It is common to many women the hassle of not having thick and black eyelashes like those seen in mascara or make-up ads .

Or because weak and inclined to fall , or because scarce and thinned out , lashes seem to never correspond to our ideal of beauty .

Some women try to remedy by applying mascara with an extending and volumizing effect , but unfortunately these cosmetics , most of the time, fail to perform miracles and give us the eyelashes of our dreams.

Others still try to misguide playing with eyeliner and eye shadow , so as to get the problem of eyelashes in the background.

Finally, the last beach for us unlucky, is that of false eyelashes , applicable by glue : needless to mention the inevitable fool if the eyelashes should come off, fall or, worse, remain dangling on the eyelids .

The primer for eyelashes may turn out to be quite useful, but if you want a lasting result , there remains but one solution: the serum for eyelashes .

What is the best eyelash serum?
In the following list we will recommend the 6 best eyelash serums on the market , which can be purchased through the various online stores .

Put in order of price, starting from the cheapest one with the lowest price , up to the most expensive; the products we will describe you have been selected after a long and careful research .

How is the Eyelash Serum applied?
One of the essential things to obtain good results, through the application of eyelash serum, is regularity .

You must be systematic and apply it every day for the times indicated in the instruction booklet (which is always good to read for any precautions and side effects ).

It is recommended to apply the product in the evening , every day , for at least 3 months; but as mentioned earlier, the first results should be visible already after one month.

First of all, make sure that the skin around the eye is clean : if you wear make-up , use a make-up remover to completely eliminate all traces of makeup.

Most eyelash serums have a pointed applicator , similar to that of eyeliner , which allows the liquid to be applied directly to the lash line , both upper and lower .

If you want eyelashes more black and bright , instead, you should use a brush like the mascara comb , in order to reach the full length of the "hair".

Through dermatological and ophthalmic examinations , the compatibility and reliability of eyelash serums are impeccably controlled , to guarantee the safety of the products put on the market .

In addition, of course, all the ingredients present in the composition are indicated on the package , so that, in case you have allergies , it is sufficient to read carefully the instructions provided.